The Land of Gills

This series of macro photos examines the nature of repeated forms in nature at various scales. Inspired by the aerial  landscape photos by Edward Burtynsky,  I’m fascinated with how small organic forms can mimic larger geological patterns.

I’m currently examining the hidden side of things, the underside. I’m fascinated by the patterns exhibited in Kingdom Fungi. From this macro-lens perspective, the gills of a portobello mushroom are reminiscent of The Wave in Coyote Buttes, Utah, or Devil’s Peak. 

The photos in this series are named for geological and geographical connections. The digital photos were printed on washi paper and mounted on board.


Walking around, marwari. Detours and stops with the camera. Photos taken with film cameras: Hasselblad 500C and Petri 1.9 Color Corrected Super 35 mm rangefinder.