Photo of a pink lotus surounded by green leaves. As a photographer, I often seek out little bits of nature nestled into urban settings.
A lotus blossom at Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park.

Lori Ono — photographer, artist, writer

I’m a Canadian photographer, writer and illustrator currently living in Tokyo. I’ve been in Tokyo long enough to call it home but still miss the open skies and views of the Rocky Mountains where I grew up. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to live overseas, for the people I’ve met and the experiences that have shaped me.

I write in a variety of genres from romance to kid-lit. My main visual media are photography and creating hand-made artist’s books. Experimenting with different media creates opportunities to mix digital photography with analog methods. My work ranges from haunting and lyrical to quirky with an edge. My illustrations work focuses on narrative elements, humorous details and creating characters.

When not creating stories with words or pictures, I love mushroom hunting, designing fibre art characters and anthropomorphizing everything.

Other Places to Find Me on the Web

The Spendy Pencil is my blog about Tokyo adventures and creative experiments. You will find artist and author interviews, and my favourite Tokyo spots. I also share works in progress.
Lori Ono Photography is my website for travel photography and portrait work. There are some artist interviews, some are cross-posted from The Spendy Pencil.
loriono.bigcartel.com is my web shop. New work is rotated when new work is done. Currently, the work is are issue of ToCo Collective anthologies I contributed to.

Exhibitions & Publications

Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021 (with Art Byte Critique Group )
October October 18–26, 2021 This year the VABF took place live in Vancouver and online.

Matsuri (ToCo/Tokyo Collective)
Released February, 2021

Vancouver Art Book Fair 2020 (with Art Byte Critique Group)
October 16-18, 2020, Online event

Himitsu (ToCo/Tokyo Collective)
Nov 30, 2019. August Moon Cafe, Tokyo

 Setouchi Art Book Fair (with Art Byte Critique Artists)
October 25-27, 2019. Setouchi, Japan

September 2019. Okusawa Starbucks, Jiyugaoka.

Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2019
September 20-22. Onishi, Gunma

 アートクッス/アートフックBankART Station
Artbook/Art Goods @BankART Station
July 5-21, 2019. BankART Station Yokohama

Tokyo Art Book Fair Ginza Edition 2019 with Art Byte Critique
March 8-10, 2019 (Week 1), Sony Plaza, Ginza, Tokyo

In The Details (Art Byte Critique. Co-curator)
October 13-20, 2018. Gallery LeDeco, Tokyo

Monogatari (ToCo/ Tokyo Collective)
October 13-20, 2018. Tokyo Chapter, Tokyo

Turning the Page (Art Byte Critique X UK artists)
September 29-October 3, 2018.  Paper Gallery, Manchester, UK

Reading Between the Lines(Art Byte Critique X UK artists)
September 23-October 1, 2018. Launch Pad Gallery, Yokohama

Kanna Autumn Art Festival
September 21-24, 2018. Onishi, Gunma

Snow Fences
July 2018, Okusawa Starbucks, Jiyugaoka.

Color Series: Green
June 12-17, 2018, Clouds Art + Coffee, Koenji

Color Series: Black
May 15-20, 2018, Clouds Art + Coffee, Koenji

Shinji Ohmaki: Where the Gaze Falls
Tokyo Art Beat, April 13, 2018
A review of Shinji Ohmaki’s collaboration with the Chihiro Art Museum

Decoration Never Dies, Anyway
Tokyo Art Beat, February 9, 2018
A review of the show at the Teien Museum

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017 with Art Byte Critique Group
October 2017, Warehouse Terada.

Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2017
September 16-24, 2016 Onishi, Gunma

Art Fair Tokyo 2017
Tokyo Art Beat, March 25, 2017
A photo report of Art Fair Tokyo 2017 held at the International Forum in Yurakucho.

Surfaces: Art Byte Critique Group
March 10-12, 2017 at Nishimachi Art Space, Tokyo

Savvy Tokyo/ Gaijin Pot,“Yukitsumugi”
February 2017
Photojournalism to accompany articles about yukitsumugi silk from Tochigi written by Joan Lambert Bailey.

Haiga “Iced Plum Wine” at Grievous Angel/Electric Haiga

“Julia Margaret Cameron: A Woman Who Breathed Life Into Photographs”
Tokyo Art Beat, August 23, 2016
Review of Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition at Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

“Building on Concepts”
Tokyo Art Beat,December 9, 2015
Review of Frank Gehry at 21_21 Design Site

Third Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2016
September 17-25, 2016 Onishi, Gunma
“The Kanna Fall Art Festival brings together Shiro Oni Studio artists with craftsman and artists from the Kanna area. In 2016 the week-long festival had work from 40 artists from 20 countries” Shiro Oni Website

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016 with Art Byte Critique Group
Sept 19-21, 2015. Tokyo. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2015
September 19-27, Onishi, Gunma

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2015 with Art Byte Critique Group
Sept 19-21, 2015. Tokyo. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014 with Art Byte Critique Group
Sept 19-21, 2014. Tokyo. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Shiro Oni Open Studio Show
April 26, 2014 with Jon Lau & Susanna Mammi

Shiro Oni Art Residency
April 2014, Onishi, Gunma
“Shiro Oni Artist Residency is located in the Japanese countryside and gives artists time to work on projects and get to know local residents and learn about Japanese culture.”
—Shiro Oni Artist Residency

Tokyo Spidering with Art Byte Critique Group at Hagiso Gallery
October 20-27, 2013. Tokyo: Hagiso Gallery, Yanaka.
Art Byte Critique group exhibited word based on the theme of modern communication, and web-crawling.

UnNaked Tokyo
May 2013ポレポレ坐、東中野/ Café Pole Pole, Higashi Nakano
A portrait exhibition featuring local and international photographers

MINI Paceman Release Event
(Media Event/Collaboration)
February 13, 2013 Tokyo: R Gallery
February 18, 2013 Osaka: River Suite

National Photo 44th Anniversary
, State of the Art Photography by 44 Photographers
November 18-December 1, 2011. Kodak Photo Gallery Ginza

Naked TokyoExhibition Series
2009 at Super Delux, Roppongi: Wakame Hime
2008 at Gallery le Deco, Shibuya: Yoru no Sojurn
2007 at Super Delux, Roppongi: Futonland
2006 at Tokyo American Club: Hong Kong Scenes
The Naked Tokyo exhibitions dealt with the theme of “naked” in body or character Japan-based and international photographers participated

New Work or Collaboration

If you’ve you’re interested in my work or collaborating with me, I’d love to hear from you.

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