Book Arts

My Maker Philosophy

Handmade books have an intimacy and immediacy. They are more than content transmission, they become objects worthy in their own right. Like other book artists, my goal is to balance form and content to enhances the book. I try to meld digital and analog processes and incorporate recycling elements.

The Book of Eringi

A concertina-style artist book. The front half is polymer clay shaped like an erring (king trumpet mushroom) and the folding pages have the same silhouette with black decoration around the edges.

Erinigi (king trumpet mushroom) is a popular mushroom in Japan. This one of a kind concertina-style artist book is made from polymer clay and hand drawn pages.
Size: 80x50x33 mm 
Materials: polymer clay, paper, ink

Pop Out Mushrooms

A mint tin covered in polymer clay decorated with realistic looking mushrooms holds a concertina-style row of water color mushrooms.

Polymer clay covers a mint tin and a concertina-style row of water color painted mushrooms lays nestled inside.
Size: 60x42x20 mm 
Materials: polymer clay, paper, ink

Pop Out Night Mushrooms

A mint tin covered in polymer clay and decorated with glow in the dark mushrooms holds drawings of glow in the dark mushrooms.

Mushrooms made of glow-in-the-dark polymer clay covers a mint tin. Inside find a concertina-style row of mushrooms drawn with glow-in-the-dark paint and black pen. Go to to see a stop motion animation of the book.
Size: 97x62x30 mm 
Materials: polymer clay, paper, ink

Want to know more about these books?

I explain a bit more of the creation of these books and include some stop motion animation movies of my mushroom art books in this post.

Space Songs

Curation and inspiration from the sounds of outer space. Inspired by the recorded sounds of the Solar System by Cassini and other sources, led to the collection of drawings, images and sound profiles.
Size: 210x148mm (A5 landscape), 8 pp

Space Songs is a completely different style of book for me. Creation through curation is a new field for me but I was completely blown away by the “sounds” the planets makes. We learn space is a vacuum of silence, but there is much to be heard once we learn how to listen it.

Discover more about my handmade art books

If you’d like to see more of my earlier handmade books, you can find it at my other blog The Spendy Pencil. Most of my earlier work focuses on mamebon. This is a Japanese word translating as bean book, in reference to their small size. The mamebon is dear to my heart as I absolutely love the intimate feeling of holding them in your hands.