Vancouver Art Book Fair 2020

Art Byte Critique goes international by joining the Vancouver Art Book Fair for 2020. Different book makers and zine artists from around the world are joining in. I think the organizers have done a great job to make the show interactive. When the book fair goes live, many dots on the main screen represent different tables. This does a good job or recreating that feeling of discovery when wandering and searching through a physical venue.

A map of the tables at the Vancouver Art Book Fair with Art Byte Critique’s location highlighted.

Six of Art Byte Critique’s members will be showing work at this venue:
@loriono_thespendypencil (my instagram)

Purchasing is available via links to artist’s preferred online shops. The part I’m really excited about, and eager to try, is the chat function where viewers can chat with the artists. I hope that you will check it out.

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